The crazy weather

The crazy weather
  • 18 February 2018
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The season began ten days earlier than usual with a very hot New Zealand summer bringing the cherries on much quicker than normal. Weather records were broken all over NZ with Cromwell reaching its highest ever temperature since records began, a sweltering 36.6 degrees Celsius. 

For the first time on record, Cromwell had 11 consecutive days in November with a maximum temperature of more than 25 degrees Celsius, beating the previous record of eight days in 1974.

This weather event caused  few things:

  • We had an absolutely bumper crop based on volume - the number of KGs we put through the packhouse was astounding. This was supported by a record number of amazing seasonal workers, plus our team 'on the ground' working tirelessly in the orchard - to these people a special thank you.
  • The cherry size in mm was smaller than last season - we know a lot of you were after the larger sized cherries, which unfortunately, we were unable to always meet. We are hoping that the coming season will be a bit more settled and we will have a variety of sizes for you next year.

Posted: Sun 18 Feb 2018